The Secret is in the Recipe

Gia…giamas products are Greek fruit juices and refreshments which are handmade, and made from 100% Greek, fresh fruit.

They are Greek juices made from real fruit, free of gluten, technical preservatives, sweeteners and coloring substances. Gia..giamas Greek Fruit Juices come in Lemonade, Peach Juice, Tangerine Juice, Green Apple Pomegranate, Lemon Strawberry and Pandasia 9 Greek Fruits. Gia..giamas are ideal for all lovers of good life and a healthy lifestyle, with an aroma of family and tradition.


A person of immense value and contribution to her family.

She is the person who is the connecting link between the past and the present, faithful to tradition but with a dose of differentiation, and when all the grandmothers made cherry juice, she made lemonade!
Grandma Marika from Samos, born in 1927, always observed and kept the traditions intact but always added her own ingredient, her own secret…
Grandma Marika wasn’t any ordinary grandma.

Her lovable and fanatical fans were always the children of the neighborhood who gathered, like a tender hug, in her yard and called to her grandma, will you give me a sip too of the nicest lemons?

Our Gia...giamas is now 97 years old and lives in Karlovasi, Samos, enjoying beautiful and happy moments near her beloved children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

100% Natural products

The traditional Gia…giamas refreshments are made from 100% Greek fruits, which are prepared based on the recipe of Grandma Marika since 1957.

Gia...giamas Cherry & Geranium essence

Gia…giamas Lemonade

Gia…giamas Strawberry – Lemon

Gia…giamas Peach

Green apple - Pomegranate

Gia…giamas Pandaisia

Gia…giamas Mandarine



A multi-purpose product giving a solution to every drink. Create with your own imagination!!!


Awards Global recognition of our Gia..giamas products in the years 2018 to 2022 with the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute, the world leader in food and beverage evaluation and certification.

Barista pro received a gold award at the Coffee Business Awards and was recognized for 2 consecutive years as the best supplier company in the field of beverages nationwide.


100% traditional juices rich with nutrients

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