Gia…giamas Green Apple - Pomegranate

Gia…giamas Green apple with pomegranate provides a multitude of vitamins such as vitamins B2, K, A and B, potassium and is rich in nutrients with multiple health benefits. It could well be described as the fruit combination of your heart.

What is in Giagiamas green apple with pomegranate

  • Minimal sugar
  • Vitamin C
  • Natural fragrances
  • Fiber

Contains natural green apple and pomegranate juice.
100 ml Gia…giamas Green Apple with Pomegranate is made from 164ml of natural apple and pomegranate juices.

Rich in vitamin C.
100ml of Green Apple with Pomegranate contains 197.50mg of Vitamin C

Gia…giamas Green Apple - Pomegranate 1300gr

Gia…giamas Green Apple - Pomegranate 600gr


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