Yes, and she is 96 years old today.

Yes, the fruit is 100% Greek from cooperatives with the necessary certificates.

Depending on the fruit, they all have a high content of vitamins and antioxidants (C, B, D, E vitamins).

The only preservative they have is citric acid (lemon juice) and vitamins.

No, they do not contain gluten.

Yes, the processing is done with natural fruit juice (e.g. 100ml Gia…giamas Peach Juice is made from 150ml natural peach juice)

The 1,000mL bottle makes 25 jars of 580ml, or 33 jars of 420ml, or 33 “Next Day” bottles of 330ml, or 9 jugs of 1L.

The 450ml bottle makes 22 glasses of 300ml or 5 jugs of 1L.

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Once opened, it lasts 30 days out of the fridge.

From 117 to 147cal. per 580ml of finished product depending on the fruit.

Yes, it contains minimal sugar which also acts as a preservative. That is, the sugar per 580ml is 26.4% including natural fruit sugars.

Yes, Gia..giamas is made from 100% non-GMO Greek fruit.

Yes, we export to 16 countries.

They are prepared with the method of high pasteurization, just like the preparation of milk.

In addition to international awards, they also have any necessary certificate, covering what the World Food Organization requires.

We have a network of 36 partners in Greece and 16 abroad and through the e-shop (baristapro.com.gr)