Gia…giamas Mandarine

The Gia…giamas mandarine stands out for its abundance of vitamins, phenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, fiber and minerals, providing benefits in key health issues such as cardiovascular and obesity.

What sets the Gia…giamas tangerine apart
The clementines used to produce the mandarin juice are carefully selected and harvested in November, that is, at the heart of their ripening.

Contains natural mandarine juice.
100 ml of Gia…giamas Mandarine is prepared from 154 ml of natural mandarine juice.

Rich in vitamin C.
100ml of Gia…giamas Mandarine contain 417mg of Vitamin C.

Gia…giamas Mandarine 1300gr

Gia…giamas Mandarine 600gr


Apportionment and Cost