Gia..giamas mandarin drink, the secret of longevity - beneficial properties and benefits to your health

15 November 2017by web-giagiamas

The winter juice winner – mandarin drink! Mandarins arrived in our county after 1850, but their history starts in China 3000 years ago. They took their name from the Mandarins, the Chinese officials, because of their colour that was the same as that of Mandarins’ uniform. It is not surprising that the mandarin is considered the winter king, as it is the most delicious and juicy citrus fruit, rich in nutrients that shield the body against illnesses and diseases. It is eaten raw or as dessert or as beverage and alcoholic drink (mandarin flavoured liqueur).

Mandarin drink – its nutritional value. The best season for mandarins is early November to the end of December. Gia…giamas mandarin drink is made of the best known and most delicious mandarin variety, clementines. Clementines are known for being seedless, delicious, aromatic, easy to peel and of a deep orange yellow colour. Mandarins symbolise longevity. They belong to the citrus fruit family, like oranges, grapefruits and lemons. They are rich in calcium and potassium and help lower blood pressure. They are also rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial to the immune system. They are antioxidant and help iron absorption. As they contain bromine salts they have sedative action. 
Moreover, they contain vitamin A, sodium, magnesium, proteins and folic acid. The multitude of nutrients is completed by iron, carbohydrates and phosphorus. The daily consumption of mandarin drink helps shield the body against respiratory and urinary tract infections. It fights the flu, the common cold and the growth of pathogens in the body. It has remarkable preventive action against heart and eye conditions, diabetes, arthritis and arteriosclerosis. It also improves the skin texture.
The delicious mandarin helps digest food, as well as fighting sleep disorders. Its frequent consumption sooths the stomach and the nervous system, offering a calm and pleasant sleep. Furthermore, its potassium content helps keep blood pressure steady. In other words, the mandarin is perhaps the cheapest and easiest secret of longevity, enjoyed for many years by the Chinese but now a “divine gift” for Europeans too. It gives the body only 54 calories and a multitude of nutrients. It is often mentioned as effective prevention against cancer. In particular, citrus fruit consumption greatly reduces the chances of developing liver cancer.

<p style="text-align: justify;"Mandarins also prevent obesity, and paediatricians and nutritionists recommend their regular consumption by children. Mandarins are pleasant for children to eat, as they are tasty, sweet and have a bright colour and nice look. This fruit is not only a sweet indulgence for children, but it also protects them from infections that are easily transmitted through the close contact of young pupils in the classrooms. Consumption of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables is required for the better protection of the body. The consumption of one Gia...giamas mandarin drink a day up to February, is therefore recommended!