Gia…Giamas | Smoothie

Gia…Giamas | Smoothie 30ml with 40ml Gia…giamas Peach 90ml water 1 scoop (24gr) my yogo shake 8-10 ice Put the Gia giamas in the measuring cup with the water, stir and add the yogurt, pour them into the blender bucket, add the ice and beat them together until a creamy texture is created. We can […]

Gia…Giamas | Glass Bottle – 1lt

Gia…Giamas | Glass Bottle – 1lt 140ml Gia..giamas (flavor of your choice) 850ml Water   Add the water to the bottle and then add 140ml of Gia…giamas. Close the bottle with the special stopper and shake vigorously until the juice is fully mixed. It can be kept in the fridge for nine days.

Gia…Giamas | Ready to Drink – 330ml

Gia…Giamas | Ready to Drink – 330ml Special sterile pet bottle with safety cap and collar of flavor. 30ml Gia…giamas (flavour of your choice) Product Gia…giamas ( flavour of your choice) Place Gia giamas product in the special bottle up to the indication line on the bottle, then add water up to the line on […]

Gia…Giamas | Greek Slush

Gia…Giamas | Greek Slush 30-50ml (taste is your choice!!) 90ml Water 7 Ice cubes   Add the 30-50ml of Gia giamas to the 90ml of water in your measuring glass and stir gently. Add the ice and our mixture to our blender and wait until the ice is completely broken up.   Mix the Gia…giamas […]

Gia…giamas | Greek Shake

Gia…giamas | Greek Shake 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream 30-50ml Gia…giamas 150ml low fat milk or 180ml milk if the glass is large (400ml serving glass.).   Add your ingredients to the frappe shaker and whisk until combined to a creamy consistency and serve in your glass.   Garnish the sides of your glass […]

Gia…Giamas | Homemade Juice

Gia…Giamas | Homemade Juice 40ml Gia…giamas for a 580ml jar or 30ml Gia…giamas for a 420ml jar (choose between 6 unique flavors)   We put the Gia…giamas flavor we chose in the jar up to the indicator line, then add water up to the N/S mark. Stir until the product is dissolved and add ice […]

Gia…giamas Juice Cooler – 10lt

Gia…giamas Juice Cooler – 10lt 1000ml Gia…giamas (flavor of your choice) 9000ml Cold water   Pour the product into a jug, add water and stir until dissolved. Then we pour it into the cooler. The colder the water of the recipe is, the faster we will be able to serve it. Flavors: Lemon, Lemon-Strawberry, Apple-Pomegranate, […]